Worksite Assessments

Our Worksite Assessments include a comprehensive assessment of the physical, environmental and functional elements of a workers workplace and the requirements of the worker when participating in each of their daily tasking sets.

Worksite Assessments | Cassia Medical

These assessments may occur during:

  • Ergonomic Assessments or as part of a proactive injury risk management program.
  • when being placed in a job where there are concerns about their physical suitability for the tasks required.
  • rehabilitation processes, e.g undertaking vocational conditioning, work trial, screening processes, FCE, etc.
  • following extended periods away from typical working tasks or high risk tasks, or roles.

Worksite assessment is an important part of an occupational rehabilitation program and can assist in the development of a return to work program.

Worksite Assessment includes:

  • Characterisation of the role and task requirements observed.
  • Characterisation of the environment each role will be performed in.
  • Assist in providing a guideline for assessments, including FCE, pre-employments, and return to work conditioning risk programs.
  • Detailed explanation of assessment outcomes to the client/ employer.
  • Provision of a written report which is distributed to key parties.
  • Consultation with the treating Medical practitioner and Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator regarding suitable duties and risk.
  • Preventative strategies and advice to minimize potential work related injuries and reduce the risk presented at key points of rehabilitation and pre-screening processes.

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