Ergonomic Assessments

The scientific field focused on understanding the interactions between people, and the environments and systems in which operate. This may include everything from a mining operation to and office or a sporting field.

Ergonomic Assessments | Cassia Medical

Our Occupational and Physical Therapists seek to apply this knowledge to enhance:

  • Musculsoskeletal health,
  • Reduced pain and discomfort levels from normal role requirements,
  • Safety, and
  • Productivity.

The fundamental principle at the centre of our ergonomic practice is that design must fit the product, system or environment to the people participating in or with it.

Our therapists incorporate an holistic musculoskeletal approach to ergonomic assessments, and we provide recommendations and resources beyond the usual and typical experiences.

Our assessments and recommendations are focused on improving the way we interact with our workplaces, and facilitate improvements across an holistic scope of contributig factors to injury, discomfort and maintenance of performance over time.

We offer 2 Packages:

  1. Comprehensive Ergonomic Assessment
  2. Proactive Ergonomic Package

Please call us to discuss our approach, packages, and start on the path to a fresh new way of interacting with your workplace on a day to day basis.

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