Functional Capacity Evaluations

Cassia Medical therapists have worked with and for business and Industry for many years and bring a comprehensive understanding of risk into each assessment. Our professionals are licensed evaluators and use an industry leading system to objectively measure, determine and report on the functional abilities of an individual in the work environment.  

Cassia Medical functional and JTE assessments (Fit for Work Assessment) are tailored to your business needs and requirements. We incorporate a risk based, role specific approach to each individual and use a battery musculoskeletal, functional, role specific and cardiovascular tests.

Combined with a pre-employment medical assessment, a work fitness assessment can assist in the appropriate selection of new and existing employees suitability for role participation. The information gathered is unquestionably valuable in assessing higher risk employees. For example, where issues such as BMI, previous injury and degenerative factors may be present, or when the job role is considered medium or above in physical demand.

Functional Capacity Evaluations | Cassia Medical

Cassia Medical therapists use a system that is predominately used to determine:

  • An individual's safe and objective physical capabilities compared with the role criteria of their exposure (i.e Pre-employment Medicals)
  • Establish and monitor rehabilitation goals and
  • Assist in return to work facilitation.

It is also commonly used as a medico-legal tool assessment for the purposes of occupational risk determination, and payment/insurance determination.

The system can also be adapted to provide a proficient and dynamic form of pre-employment screening which systematically fulfils legal requirements. 

It is particularly useful for assessing an individual's physical capabilities in relation to a specific task/job analysis, and therefore their suitability for high risk and physically demanding positions.

By providing a comprehensive range of activities to test, an FCE can provide a full profile of the client's abilities.

These include but not limited to:

  • Work fitness
  • Agility
  • Body awareness
  • effect of pain
  • Loads
  • Upper and lower body abilities
  • Perception of effort
  • Heart rate
  • Movement techniques
  • The interaction of these parameters across a broad range of activities and role criteria exposures.

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