Iron Infusions

Our Process

An Iron Infusion can be used to treat Iron Deficiency Anaemia. Other treatment options such as iron supplements in either tablets or liquid can also be explored with your GP.

If you think you may need an iron Infusion, book an appointment with them to discuss your health care needs.

If you are eligible, your GP will write you a script for the Iron Infusion for you to pick up at your local pharmacy. Our Reception team will then be able to book you in with our nurse for the infusion.

During Your Appointment

Please allow up to 40 minutes for the infusion. Feel free to bring a book or phone along so you can be comfortable during the appointment.

Your doctor will go through consent forms and outline what you can expect during and after the appointment.

Please be aware that an Iron Infusion is not covered by Medicare and you will be $100 out of pocket for the Infusion. Please contact your pharmacist for pricing on the medication.

If you would like to book an infusion contact our reception team on 07 5522 0505.

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