Managing Covid-19 at Cassia Medical

As we start to open up to other states and the rest of the world, we here at Cassia Medical need to make some changes to how we operate. These changes are to ensure we protect our staff, health professionals, visitors, and patients. Please note we are not a testing site. 

Please continue to show our staff respect during this time. We understand that the past 2 years have been difficult on everyone and our staff are continuing to work very hard to protect our team and yourself whilst still providing you the ongoing healthcare you need.

Symptoms of Covid-19

Respiratory Symptoms 

If you are experiencing respiratory symptoms please do not attend our practice without prior arrangements.

If you are experiencing respiratory symptoms we will ask that you have a telehealth appointment with our GP in the first instance. Should your doctor determine that you need to be seen in person, they will arrange a car park appointment for you.

Please continue to get tested for Covid-19. We are unable to provide this testing for you. You can find the most up-to-date information on testing sites on the QLD Health Website.


Telehealth is still available for those who have an existing relationship with the practice/GP. If you are unsure if you are eligible for telehealth, please give our reception team a call.

We would encourage you to use telehealth when appropriate for your health to help us limit the contact between people.

Car Park Appointments

If you are experiencing respiratory symptoms and your doctor would like to see you in person we will be conducting car park appointments.

When you arrive please stay in your car and phone reception to let them know the details of your car and where you have parked. Your doctor will come out to you. Please ensure everyone in the car wears a mask for the duration of the appointment.

In-Person Appointments

We will continue to offer in-person appointments within our clinic for everyone who is not experiencing respiratory symptoms. Your vaccination status will not impact your ability to book an in-person appointment. If you are unvaccinated we do encourage you to use telehealth where possible to avoid unnecessary exposure.

As we have limited space in our waiting areas, consult rooms, and treatment room please do not bring extra people along to your appointment where possible. Of course carers, children and support people are welcome. Please note that we may need you to wait outside if we do not have enough room/or your appointment time. We also ask that you arrive as close as possible to your appointment time to avoid extended waits or needing to wait outside.

We also ask that you check in using the QLD Government app when attending our practice. This will allow you to be notified as quickly as possible if you do come in contact with anyone who has Covid-19.


QLD Health has identified that health care facilities on the Gold Coast are required to have staff, visitors, and patients wear masks whilst in our clinic. Please ensure you bring and wear a mask for your appointments. If you have a valid exemption, please let reception know.

Covid-19 Vaccinations

We will continue to offer Covid-19 vaccinations at our clinic for the foreseeable future. To keep up to date with the latest information about our Covid-19 vaccination clinics, visit our information page.

Positive Covid-19 Cases

The QLD Government is expecting there to be cases in the community as we open up. The health network has been planning for this over the past 2 years and there are very good systems in place for those who do get Covid-19 to be monitored and receive the health care they need.

It is important to remember that the vast majority of people will get a mild disease and not require hospitalization. Receiving your vaccination and booster doses will further protect you against severe illness.

Please note our practice will only be able to provide health care to those with Covid-19 via telehealth. We do not have the capacity or resources to see people who are Covid-19 positive. Should you need to be seen in person and have Covid-19 we will be able to refer you to services that have this ability. 


Our team wants to be able to continue to provide safe healthcare during this time. If you have any worries, concerns, or questions please phone our team and we will do our best to look after you.

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Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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