Cassia Wellness Clinic


Would you like to boost your immunity and improve your wellbeing? Be sure to speak to the practitioner about this during your consultation.

Cassia Wellness Clinic stocks a wide range of products, commonly prescribed by our practitioners in our dispensary.

The majority of our products are practitioner only which require a consultation and a script. Please ensure you follow the safety recommendations provided by your doctor and take nutritional and herbal supplements only as directed.

There is no obligation to purchase products which may be suggested by your doctor from us. We offer this service for your convenience and safety only. 

Remember, some supplements may be dangerous if used over a prolonged period without monitoring. Ongoing medical supervision is recommended.

Cassia Wellness Clinic

Liquid Herbals

We stock an extensive range of medicinal herbs for  your practitioner to prescribe and prepare tailored  specifically for you to address your  individual needs  for health and wellbeing.

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Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm

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