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Christiana Little


Christiana Little, psychologist at Cassia Medical on the Gold Coast

Christiana Little is a registered psychologist providing individual and couple therapy.

Her diverse experiences include counselling individuals, couples and families during family law proceedings, court support, substance abuse addiction rehabilitation, adolescent assessment and behaviour modification within school settings, childhood and adult sexual abuse counselling as well as psychological therapies for a wide range of emotional suffering.

Christiana is an approved Medicare, DVA and Work Cover QLD/NSW provider and a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

What is Psychological Therapy?

Psychological Therapy is an individual, empathic and personalised treatment that has been empirically proven to work. Therapy is tailored for your own specific needs and is usually a combination of treatment modalities and methods.

The process of talking, answering questions, explaining things to someone else, and describing our experience helps us to clarify our thoughts and feelings and increase our self-awareness. It can help us gain a different perspective, increase our awareness of the sometimes unhelpful thinking and behavioural patterns that we can be stuck in, and when we hear ourselves say what we want, it helps motivate us to act on it. After all, we all have the solution right there in our subconscious mind, and psychologists are trained to ask the right questions that enable people to find the right answer within themselves.

Sometimes we need a little more help when we struggle with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. Psychologists have six years of university training in which every mental condition has been studied and there is a plethora of strategies that can help people overcome those trying times.

And did you know...

It is a sign of good mental health, and very liberating, to acknowledge that we are not perfect.

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