Manuela Boyle

Naturopath - Functional Medicine and Naturopathic

Manuela Boyle, naturopath and functional medical practitioner at Cassia Wellness Clinic on the Gold Coast

Manuela Boyle is a functional medicine practitioner who uses systems biology and a science-based approach to healthcare involving nutrition, genetics, herbal medicine, and orthomolecular medicine to exclusively support cancer patients at all stages of their disease. Manuela works to educate, support and empower her patients to take responsibility for optimising their health.

She has first-hand expertise in managing physical and mental stress and improving energy levels in high pressure oncologic treatments. Manuela works in collaboration with medical specialists to maximise patients' outcomes, but her approach is holistic and personalised. Manuela is a former University lecturer, a prolific writer and a sought-after national and international speaker on the benefits of integrative oncology.

Manuela Boyle MHSC BHSC PostGrad Nutrition ND
Fellow of Integrative Oncology USA
Member of the Australian Integrative Medicine Association Australia
Functional Medicine Practitioner USA
Certified FITGENES Practitioner Australia
VITAWELL Inspired Cancer Care Program

She will complete her Master of Public Health (Faculty of Medicine, The University of Queensland) at the end of 2020.

In her past-time, Manuela loves improving people's health literacy and regularly volunteers her time at the Cancer Council of Queensland.

To book an appointment with Manuela, please call 07 5522 0505 or contact us via our online form. To learn more about what's involved with an oncology support appointment with Manuela, please click here.

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